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The "April" Issue

Need some inspiration for your next photo shoot?

See what's inspired us lately and check out our mood board for this month:

We love a 90's vibe!

If you haven't got a crazy wardrobe to style yourself with for your next session - just add bulk accessories!

Right now we're loving everything that reminds us of the 90's: pastel outfits, butterfly clips, pom poms, glitter and trippy patterns.; too much fun to photograph.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas.

Get in touch with us if you dig the vibe and want to create some content.

On a budget?

We all love a cute bargain too!

Love the look but don't want to spend too much on it when it's just for a photo shoot? We feel you. Let's face it - if you only plan to wear it once, who wants to spend heaps anyway?

We absolutely love stopping into our local Lovisa store when we need some styling inspo. And we always find something unique that doesn't break the bank.

Above are some of our favourites to fit our 90's theme this month. All for under $20!

Grab something extra for your next shoot here.

The dream dress - we've found it!

Yes, it's the dream shoot dress that you didn't even know you wanted until now. We've been trialling some gowns from online store and when we say we are shook with the quality of these (especially for the price...), we. are. SHOOK.

They offer a range of formal gowns, shoes and numerous other accessories - all for wholesale prices.

If you've ben stuck on ideas for a photo shoot recently - grab something regal from these guys and contact us immediately! You'll feel like an absolute queen and we'll make sure it's one to remember!

Click here to shop their dresses or just to get some ideas for your next session.


This month we're featuring local Perth label Immaculata for an exclusive shoot day at the studio!

This is a great one for models looking to build up their portfolio whilst getting to network with some local talent.

Shooting on April 17th (one day only). You'll find all of the information in our previous blog post here!

We have very limited spaces left so get in touch if you'd like to join in by emailing us:


All of our clients that were featured in print magazines last month! So proud of you all :')

RILEY / @rileynick_

NATHAN / @n.hankin

SAMANTHA / @samanthadewarr

INGRID / @according_to_ing

ISABELLA / @_isabelladov

MICHAEL / @michael.lockyer98

MADELAINE / @madelaine__w

BRODIE / @brodesowen

BOUDENE / @boudenehuckle

CHRISTINE / @chrxtin

ANIQUA / @aniquatoquero

Some issues are already out - some are coming out very soon. So make sure you give them all a follow on Instagram and keep an eye out for the shots when they drop.

If you're interested in modelling and need to start a portfolio get in touch with us today! We have lots of contacts we can use to help you get more exposure globally just like our gang here.

And here's a few of our favourites from some of our other clients in March:

KELSEA / @_kelrose

Kelsea came back to get creative with flowers and sheer fabric this time <3

CAROLYN / @carolyn__wallace

And it was Carolyn's first shoot!

We wanted to shoot something super empowering for International Women's Day and we feel like she nailed it.

Delivering us all bad-ass energy and total confidence via this pic ->

EMMA / @emmalyndonjames

It's been such a privilege to be able to watch Emma's growth through modelling since we met and started shooting with her last year!

Watch. This. Space.

That's all for now - we hope you've got a few ideas for your next session ;)

Until next time!

- The Antistudio

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