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New year, new photo shoot!

Ok let's be honest - we've been super slack with our blog game over the last few months. So our new year's resolution is to get back in that game!

We thought we'd dedicate our first post for 2022 to one of the last shoots we did in 2021.

We wanted to try something fun and bold with Kristin like a statement black outfit on a bright red backdrop. And we love how they turned out! However *plot twist* we're obsessed with the images in black and white too.

Which do you prefer? Drop a comment and let us know <3

We've also been obsessing over our 35mm film lately - such a vibe!

Timeless shots to keep for memories and they look killer on the Instagram feed.

Want to kick off your new year with a major confidence boost? Then book a photo shoot!

Want to book one but need some ideas? Check out our 2022 mood board and get inspired:

We have some exciting things planned for you this year and we can't wait to announce them.

Watch this space!

If you'd like to organise a shoot with us please send an email or DM on Instagram.


Until next month x

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