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Ksea by the Sea

Well we started January off with a bang! Our first shoot day of the year was so much fun and we had the opportunity to shoot at the most stunning location in North Fremantle.

On top of that, every single one of our models have managed to get their images published - insane! We're currently in the process and can't say too much, but we just couldn't wait to share a first look at some of the shots before the magazine comes out...

Take a look:

Working together with KSEA the label, we managed to capture a variety of shots with the girls on the day. Everyone's session was unique but still totally fit the theme. We also had a lot of cute doggos coming up to us on the beach for pats - it was great :')

Looking forward to dropping the shots on Instagram soon - make sure to give all the models involved a follow if you need some inspo for your own portfolio!

IN ORDER: Annika (@_annika_wilson_), Vi (@vinnguyn), Sabine (@sabine.anderson_), Michaela (@michaelalmarshall), Jaztine (@jzykate), Isobella (@isobelladriscoll), Isabella (@isabellacairnsofficial).

And don't forget to give the label KSEA (@kseaofficial_) a follow too! We're excited to see what else they have in store for Perth this year.

If you missed out and think you might like to give one of our shoot days a go - don't sweat! They're happening monthly! Each one will have a different theme, location and styling involved. We're also heavily discounting these packages for you - so if shooting with us is something you've been thinking about but cost has been an issue, these shoot days are 100% for you! Plus we offer easy payment plan options like Afterpay on the day.

Keep an eye on our upcoming monthly shoot day announcements HERE.

Touch base again soon!

- The Antistudio <3

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