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Get ready for the "BIG GUIDE"...

Have you gotten around to reading our "FREE GUIDE FOR FREELANCE MODELS" yet? If you think you might be interested you can find it here!

Most freelance models know that they should be doing some form of outreach, but they don't have a clue how to actually do it, and do it well. Just the thought of starting to reach out to agencies and brands for work is enough to make most models freeze! But by avoiding it they could be missing out on connecting with so many potential clients; pitching is really the very best marketing strategy to invest in. If you're a model or creative and that sounds like you - we're here to help! While the "FREE GUIDE" touched on how to start your career as a model and build your portfolio, we are now about to release a larger, more extensive guide, which will delve more deeply into how to pitch yourself and book your own work! We're calling it our "BIG GUIDE" ;)


will include information regarding:

WHERE TO START:agencies vs. freelance modelling; we'll discuss how to build a portfolio, gain experience and confidence as a model, and then utilise that to apply to an agency or book your own work.

GETTING ORGANISED:we include a calendar + planner bundle (2021 + 2022) and discuss how to nail your first casting.

SOCIAL MEDIA: we teach you how to utilise social media to connect with potential clients.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: we also teach you how to profit off the products you love by producing your own content for brands! We also include a list of fashion and beauty brands with affiliate programs for you to sign up to.

HOW TO BOOK YOUR OWN MODELLING GIGS: we show you how we pitch to brands ourselves by including our own pitch email template and mood board.

On top of that we're also throwing in TWO BONUS PDFS:

- A list of magazines to submit your images to

- A list of Australian modelling agencies for you to apply to

(contact information included to make it easy)

This is everything you need (and more) to take your first step into modelling and make a proper career out of it. Whether you're looking to do it full-time or as a side-hustle, we've got all the info for you right here!

We will be selling the "BIG GUIDE" through our website for a small fee - so if you can't afford a shoot with us right now but would still like to support us by grabbing the guide we would forever appreciate it! And if you can't afford to grab the "BIG GUIDE" then don't worry - we'll still have the "FREE GUIDE" available through the link above and in our Instagram bio. Give that a read first and let us know what you thought :')


- The Antistudio

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